Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break!

Spring Break was crazy early this year - the 3rd week in March! This is not really a good thing as we have nearly 3 long months of school left with only 2 days off - 1 teacher work day the 1st week of April and Memorial Day. The distinct advantage to an early break though is low pollen counts and this week anyway near perfect hiking weather! I got out 2 days over break!

On Mon I went out to SNP and hiked a 3 mile (6 miles round trip)section of the AT. The hike itself was not all that scenic and I didn't take any pictures, however the trip back up Skyline Drive presented many photo opportunities! The clouds had begun to build to the west (it had been crystal clear and sunny the whole hike!)and made for interesting light with the sun and the mountains! Many of my pictures are repetetive, but I think they all came out pretty cool! There was no traffic whatsoever on Skyline Drive since it was essentially still winter in the mountains all the lodges, campgrounds, and waysides in the park were closed, effectively keeping out the riff-raff! This lack of traffic made it very easy to stop in the middle of the road to snap pictures whenever I saw something interesting!

On Friday I drove north to Catotcin Mountain Park - another small National Park. It's a neat little park! And another stamp in my National Parks Passport! The park borders Camp David and frequently parts of the park are closed. On Friday the mid-section of the park was closed "by order of the secret service" so I was limited in my exploration a bit, however the main features of the park - Chimney Rock and Wolf Rocks were still accessible. The hike was relatively short but delightful! I'm looking forward to heading back and exploring the rest of the park!

Check out my pictures!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I have horrible allergies. Most of you know that. My allergies are so bad that I get allergy shots. 3 a week in fact. My allergist is about 30 miles from my house so I take my allergy serum and get my shots at another allergists office. My allergist is not really a very nice person, she's not someone I'd want for a friend, but it's not her job to be my friend, it's her job to fix my allergies and she's very good at that. Her office staff shares her lack of interpersonal skills. But again, my life is so much better after having started treatment with them that I was willing to put up with it.

The rule is that when you need new serum you have to fill out the order form that was given to you when you got your serum (they have blank forms on thier websit but I got yelled at for using them) and fax it in about 2 weeks before you need it. Then you have to call to get an appointment to come in for your 1st shots.

Being as the dr is in Reston getting there and getting home is an issue - always involves leaving school early and getting home almost after bedtime - so I was thrilled that my need for new serums and my spring break concinded and I could go to Reston mid-day and then I could even run the serums over to the place where I get my shots so it doesn't have to live in my fridge for a week and risk me forgetting it.

So today I met a friend for lunch at 11:30 and then my appointment was a 3:15. I ended up with about 2 hours to kill. I wandered Barnes and Noble and Wegeman's but neither was really where I needed to be today. Then made my way over to the dr.

They call me back and the gal (I "affectionatley" call her the shot Nazi...seriously she's just mean)says "you have your serums right?", that's why I'm here. She then asks when I faxed the form in....ummm..2 weeks ago. Well, we didn't get it. She then searches the pile and low and behold there's my form. She then debates the date that is conviently stamped at the top by the fax machine - doubting that I could have possibly sent it that day. She then informs me that SHE was on vacation and she mixed all the serums she had before she went and mine obviously wasn't in there and I'd have to come back next week. WHAT???????

No I'm sorry.

I'm beyond pissed. You see I basically wasted a day of my vacation waiting for my appointment and then drove all the way to Reston and now I have to do it again next week. Next week when I have to leave school early and deal with traffic. And not only that this gal made it out like it was all my fault! grrrrrr.....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dead Skunk

This morning I was driving to school and a very odd, catchy song came on the radio. It was about a dead skunk in the middle of the road. I instantly liked it. I'd never heard it before and figured I'd never hear it again but it made me laugh and that was enough. Then this afternoon I was driving to my allergy shots and channel surfing and what comes out of my speakers but the "Dead Skunk" song!!!! I was able to listen to it all this time and it cracked me up! At first I'd thought that it was new song (and that was going to take away some of the charm) but then I glanced down to see what station it was on....I was listening to my XM radio and it was on the 70s channel!!!! It was a funky, old, rare song! Even cooler! I googled it when I got home and of course it's on YouTube!
I also found the link with the words...and someone else's story about the song....

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Movie Review

I actually went to the movies. In the theater. That alone is worthy of a post, considering that in the last 5 years the only movies I have seen in the theater are: Finding Nemo, The 40-Year Old Virgin, Happy Feet, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. Needless to say I have been enormously disapointed by my choices in movies to see in the theater! This weekend I had some down time - had planned to go hiking but the weather had other plans - so I decided I'd catch a movie.

My 1st thought was that I'd see "Fool's Gold" simply because it starred Matthew McConaughey and he's such a hunk. Even if the movie sucked, at least I'd have eye candy. As I read through the movie listing though, I saw that Juno was still playing. I'd heard a little about that one and really wanted to see it so I bought my tickets and off I went.

What a fabulous movie!!!!! I LOVED it! It's kooky and cheesy and totally sarcastic! It's also very real and deals with some controversial issues. I laughed so hard at many of the fab quotes! Unfortuently I can't find my favorite quote online - I'm going to have to buy it on DVD so I can get that quote. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it! If you liked "Little Miss Sunshine" you will love this one!

Allison Janeys - from West Wing - plays Juno's wiseass mother - she totally rocked!
The guy who plays Dwight on the Office played the part of a droll store clerk which got the movie off to a hysterical start!

It also starred Jason Bateman - you might remember him from Valerie's Family or was it Hogan Family? I think the show changed names a million times - it was a late 1980's sitcom about a family and the mom died and the dad was a pilot and there were 3 basic straighforward cheesy sitcom. Anyway, Jason Bateman starred in that show as the protective older brother and boy did I ever have a crush on him! Him and Michael J Fox were my dream boys!!!!! I was thrilled to see that he was in Juno - I had my eye candy after all!!!! It was good to see him again as he hasn't been around.