Friday, April 25, 2008

Eat-n-Park...A Trip Down Memory Lane

This afternoon after school I found a plastic clamshell box of what looked to Eat-n-Park Smiley cookies just sitting on the table in conference room in the office. I was baffled. Eat-n-Park is a Bob Evans type family resteraunt in PA - there are a few in OH and WV but mostly in PA. The nearest one is probably at least a 3 hour drive. Yet those cookies had that distintive Eat-n-Park Smiley Cookie Smile. But where did they come from? And could I have one? Or 12?

I walked away thinking I'd go talk to one of the other 1st grade teachers who is from PA, maybe she'd know if they were genuine and where they came from. As I was heading down the hall I saw Renee - a 2nd grade teacher who is also from PA and that reminded me that her parents were here for the weekend! Aha! So I ask, did your parents happen to bring some Eat-n-Park Smiley Cookies? The answer...."yes"! Oh joy! She had some with her and she gave me one and gave one to Nicole - the other 1st grade teacher! Made my Friday!

Later I walked through the office - that same dozen cookies was still sitting there untouched. So I helped myself to a 2nd cookie. It occured to me that it was after 5:30 on a Fri - no one was likley going to eat them and I almost took the whole thing. But I didn't. :( I wish I'd had!

Eat-n-Park was a staple of my college experience. We always went in the middle of the night and always stuffed ourselves with baked ziti, grilled cheese, and the famous "fishbowl sunade". We went so often to the Eat-n-Park in Hermitage, PA that we made friends with the waitress - Pixie. She always worked the night shift and we got to be her favorite customers. She was even invited to a few weddings of the core Eat-n-Park crowd!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Random Thoughts on Monday night

First of response to last Monday's "Who's Senile Now?"'s not me and no I didn't let the dog in, my next door neighbor did! Apparently when I was out back in my purple penguin pajamas with my flashlight my dog was rooting around in th bush in front of the house and since the door was open my next door neighbor let the dog in!!!

This morning I was working with my kids (1st graders - 6 and 7 yrs old) on some word study - they all had small dry erase marker boards and markers and had all written "rock". I asked them to make "clock". Many of my kids have a developing awareness of blends and left the "l" out of "clock - that's right, I looked down and about a 1/3 of my class had written "cock" on their marker board. Lucky for me a cock is also a rooster.

My 15 year old dog walker came over yesterday to tell me that she can't stand to see Daisy in pain. I inquired as to how she knew Daisy was in pain - because she moves slow and she bumps into stuff (she is blind, however last I checked blindness did not cause pain - the dog is not really aware of what she's lost in terms of sight) and that reminded her of her dog who died 5 years ago and she was afraid that Daisy was going to die soon. Well, she's 10, so the end of the road is probably fairly close. I told her that I was taking Daisy to the vet today and that if she was too upset about Daisy being old she didn't have to walk her. This afternoon I came home and there was this note:

"Please make shore that later when her nails are cut that they are filed smoothly. She has a tendency to scratch"

WTF? Who made her in charge?

I have no response for this....any thoughts?

Tomorrow night - 9pm EDT - Deadlist Catch season premier!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Book Quest

Have you ever had something that you just had to have right now?

That happened to me today.

Alice Hoffman is one of my favorite authors and her brand new book was to be released today. Borders was having their Educator Appreciation Week and with my teacher ID I could get 25% off and today was the last day. I had it all planned out - after school I'd head over and get the book and maybe a few other things. I was so excited because I never buy brand-new hardbacked books - I almost always use the library or wait till it's in paperback.

I got delayed leaving school so it was after 6 before I got to Borders and I went in on a quest - I scoured every table for the book - it's not there. I finally find the New Releases and scour book. I'm getting a bit worried - maybe it didn't come out today. I then think to go to the shelf - maybe it's not on a special display? I get to the shelf and no new book. :( I find the one we are reading for book club in May, Blackbird House, which I was planning to buy so I get it and continue my quest. I'm not having any luck so I go to the "Title Sleuth" and type in the title and author. It says that it's "on reserve and will be here soon". What? I finally ask the man at the info desk and he looks in his special computer and tells me that the book was "in transit" and would be here in 4 or 5 days. What? The book was released today, I should be able to buy it today. The guy said that the shipment must have been delayed or something and that I could check back in a few days. Not going to happen. I didn't "need" the book, but suddenly, just because I couldn't get it probably, I had to have it. Now.

I did browse the pathetic children's section and got some EyeWitness books that were on sale and then took off...

I decided to check Costco - they sometimes have new books and I could pick up a cheap dinner too! They didn't have it, but they had some great pizza!

When I got home I went to Barnes& and low and behold it said that the closest B&N to me had the book. I called them up and asked to be sure. Yes, they had the book and they'd place one on hold for me! It was 8:15 and they closed at 10. I was on my way!

I get to B&N about 8:30 and headed to the children's section, which was amazing comapared to Borders! There's just something about hanging out in a book store late at night (ok 8:45 is prob only late to me) and having the place pretty much to yourself! I found 7 other books that I needed, including some that were buy 2 get one free! I finally headed over to the checkout to get my book and see how much damage I'd done.

I was chatting with the check-out gal and told her I was a teacher. Did I have a B&N teacher discount card? No I didn't. Well, she could hook me up - even took my word for it when I didn't have my ID badge on me! She even gave me 25% everything - not just the stuff for my classroom! That means I saved $5.00 on my hardcover book!

Book Quest successful! :)

Monday, April 07, 2008

Who's Senile Now?

For those that don't know I have a dog. An ancient (10 years), blind, arthritic beagle-basset-bulldog. She's a pound puppy - I adopted her about 2 and half years ago and she's a great dog. Low key. Low maintenance. Sleeps a lot.

Usually in the evenings I go downstairs and let her out in the backyard - it's fenced and the gate is usually wired shut so she can't get out - while she's out I check e-mail and stuff and she comes to the door when she's ready to come back in. My computer broke about a week and half ago so I'm using my laptop upstairs so there's nothing to do in the basement so I go down let her out and go back upstairs. I can usually hear her scratch to come back in.

This evening I let her out and then went back up to finish my dinner. About an hour, maybe more, after I let her out I realized I had no recollection of letting her back in. So I went down to get her. She wasn't by the door and in the late day light I could see that the gate was open. Oh. No.

Oh no my blind, arthritic ancient dog was out in the world. And it was dark. And cold. And muddy. And I was in my pajamas. As added drama, she wasn't wearing her tags, so if she wandered over to someone no one would know who she is, unless they know her.

So I put on shoes and a coat - I zipped it up so maybe no one would guess that I'm wearing purple penguin pajamas (but the pants prob gave it away) - and grabbed a flashlight. I set out the back shining the flashlight in the woods and calling her name. The other times this has happened I have found her pretty immediately, but today nothing. She was no where. I had no idea where to look. Even an ancient hound dog has a powerful sense of smell she could have found something interesting and she could be anywhere.

I walked all around my row of townhouses, then around the back and up through the common area to a neighboring court and walked all around that. No Daisy. I walked back around. No Daisy. I'd been out about 25 mins. It was very dark by now. I had no idea what the next step was. I couldn't go in and hope she found her way home, however, I didn't know where to keep looking. I walked back home wondering if she had come home on her own (when she could see she would do that...I wasn't sure if she would now that she was blind).

I was standing outside contemplating what I should do when I heard that familiar clickity click of her too long toenails on the laminate floor. I thought "Oh no now I'm hearing her." I heard it again - this time there was no mistaking it. I went into the house and there was my blind, ancient, arthritic dog right there in the kitchen wagging her tail at me!

I must have let her in. I still have no recollection of this.

Who's senile now?