Sunday, July 31, 2005

Avalanche Lake - so named because of all the avalanche chutes that surround the lake.
Me in Avalanche Lake - it was pretty chilly, but felt good on my sweaty feet.
Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Falls
Lake McDonald - the largest lake in Glacier park. It's a wonderful (although a bit chilly) place for a post hike swim!

Me at the beginning of the Higline Trail, about 1/4 mile from Logan Pass. The following pictures are views along the Highline trail.
Mountain goat licking a rock on Haystack Butte.
Clouds rolling in off the Garden Wall.
Haystack Butte (the large flat top mt in the distance), Going-to-the-Sun Road, and the Garden Wall - Contintal Divide.
Me, Sue, Pam, and Sharon at Logan Pass after our 6 1/2 mile hike along the Highline trail.
A view of a glacier from Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Can you find the bear in this picture? Hint it's the big brown thing just above the bush. This bear was spotted on the side of the road on the way to Waterton Lakes. We aren't sure if it was a grizzly or a black bear.
Me by Summit Lake.
Roberta, Karen, Tom and Kristen taking a break near Summit Lake.
Denise, Sharon, Pam, Sue and John taking a break on the trail.
Wildflowers along the trail.
The Carthew-Alderson Trail.
Ladies Lunch Club
Me, Margie, and Kristen enjoying a yummy lunch at Bear Grass "Flats" along the Carthew-Alderson trail in Waterton Lakes NP. Bear Grass "Flats" was anything but - it was more like "Bear Grass 45 degree angle" or "Bear Grass Avalanche Chute" - but it was a spectacular lunch spot with a great view!
The view I had while I ate lunch.

Roberta, Sue, and Mary Ellen soaking their feet in Cameron Lake after an 8 mile hike.
Cameron Lake, Waterton Lakes NP Alberta, Canada

Cameron Falls, Waterton Townsite.
We had a "free day" to explore the Waterton Townsite which is part of Wateron Lakes National Park in Canada. Combined the two parks - Glacier and Waterton - form Glacier/Waterton Lakes International Peace Park. One of the activities on our day off was to take a boat from the townsite to Goat Haunt, which is actually back in Montana. This picture shows the border between US and Canada.
Looking north from Goat Haunt.
The boat docked at Goat Haunt Montana.
Looking south from the Prince of Wales Hotel.
Waterton Townsite as seen from the Prince of Wales Hotel.
Looking north from the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes NP, Alberta, Canada

Kate telling us about our hike for the day on the lawn of the Prince of Wales Hotel.
Lake Josephine
Grinnell Lake and falls.
The top of the falls.

Wildflowers just above Grinnell Lake.
Me and Kristen eating lunch by Grinnell Glacier.
Me and Margie.
Me by Grinnell Glacier.
Grinnell Glacier
Chain of three lakes as seen from the top. 1st lake: Grinnell Lake, 2nd lake: Lake Josephine, 3rd lake: Swiftcurrent Lake. We walked past all three on our way up to the glacier.

This creek flowed right across the trail! It was so hot that we all put our heads in the water and got out hats wet. This was a time where having a thick cotton hat was a benefit - those with "quick dry" hats didn't get the continual cooling that I did! :) I actually sat down in the middle of the creek and it felt so good!

Peggy filtering water for Margie on the trip down from Grinnell Glacier.

As a special treat on the last day of the trip we were shuttled to the trail in a historic Red Jammer Bus!

Margie and Christy in front of the Red Jammer Bus.

Hollyhocks near Twin Falls in the Two Medicine area.
Twin Falls in the Two Medicine area.
One of thr Twin Falls in the Two Medicine area.